TT-316牵引车 TT-316


Product Line: TT-316
Unit Weight: 1,150 lbs. (less battery) (520 kg.)
Tow Capacity: 16,000 lbs. (7,250 kg.)
Draw Bar Pull: 320 lbs. (normal) (145 kg); 2,000 lbs. (ultimate) (907 kg)
Battery Compartment: 36”W x 16”L x 15”H (96 cm W x 40 cm L x 38 cm H)
Battery Weight Range: Minimum 500 lbs., Maximum 1,250 lbs.
System Voltage: 36V DC
Drive Axle: GT Automotive type differential
Transmission: Oil Bath, Helical Gears
Motor: 7.6 HP DC, Separately Excited
Tires: 4.00×8 Soft Solid, Split Rims
Brakes: 3 Wheel, Hydraulic Disc, Automatic Parking Brake
Steering: Tilt/Telescoping Gear Steering
Frame: 10 Gauge Thick Steel Chassis w/1/2” Thick Side Rails and 1” Thick Rear Panel
Suspension: Coil Springs Front, Leaf Springs Rear
Color: Orange
Seat: Adjustable w/Spring Suspension
Controller: Solid State, Self Diagnostics
Instrumentation: Maintenance Meter and Battery Status Indicator w/Low Speed Cut Interlock, Hour Meter,
DC-DC Converter, Seat Interlock Switch, Fault Display
Light Accessories: Headlight, Taillights, Brake Lights
Hitch: Automatic Coupling
Conformance: Type E OSHA 1910.178, ANSI B56.9 TT-316牵引车 TT-316

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